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Welcome to Heron Education

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Located in Henrico VA, Heron Education is a boutique multidisciplinary educational consulting firm with over two decades of industry experience. Through our unique structure and individualized approach, we offer a wide range of services to students, families, and schools. We are firm believers in data, and its power to guide decisions, spearhead innovation, and create lasting change. We are dedicated to advising parents and independent schools, helping them make sound decisions that positively impact their students and the wider community.

Johnathan G. Harris, Ed.D.

Dr. Johnathan G. Harris is a dedicated professional in the education field with a career spanning more than two decades. His roles have varied from being a teacher and principal to serving as a central office administrator. Currently, he is an assistant professor at the University of Richmond, teaching courses focused on civil rights and the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI). This role allows him to weave his commitment to social justice and educational equity into the fabric of higher education.

Dr. Harris founded a project-based learning college preparatory private high school, Lynnhaven School, embodying his passion for innovative and inclusive educational models. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Sociology from Lynchburg College, Master of Education in Special Education from Grand Canyon University, and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Marymount University.

Beyond his roles in educational institutions, Dr. Harris's consultancy work is pivotal in shaping the future of independent schools. He offers expert advice on board governance, leadership development, family engagement, and integrating DEI practices into school environments. His approach is strategic, informed by his research endeavors, including his doctoral dissertation, which delved into family engagement, inclusive practices, and effective school governance. This work highlights his comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the educational sector.

Dr. Harris's dedication to education is also reflected in his commitment to community engagement and advocacy for data-driven decision-making. Residing and working in Richmond, VA, for over 20 years has provided him with a nuanced perspective on local educational dynamics, allowing him to tailor educational strategies that cater to the specific needs of diverse communities. He aims to create educational environments that are not only inclusive and equitable but also empowering for all students. Through his teaching, research, and consultancy, Dr. Harris continues to be a transformative force in education, championing diversity, equity, and inclusivity at every level.

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Testing Evaluations

We have over two decades of experience conducting admissions, cognitive, and educational achievement evaluations to help families and schools make education decisions for their students.

Our Specialists will use a specialized battery of tests to evaluate your child. We aim to identify strengths and weaknesses to determine if discrepancies exist between cognitive ability and academic performance. Our evaluations also help determine giftedness in school-aged children. We also offer admissions testing for private schools.

Parent Support Groups

Being a parent is no easy task. We help parents and caregivers clarify their relationship with their children and understand their value systems while providing tools to create meaningful and deeper connections through FREE Parent Support Groups. Email us for days and times.

College Counseling

Navigating college applications for a high school senior can be daunting. Our specialists have direct experience with this process as parents and professionals in the field. We develop a plan of action for students to help them identify colleges, complete applications, and provide NCAA recruitment services. Resume and essay writing are part of our services.

FRESHMAN "Third Advisor"

Attending college can be an overwhelming experience for a freshman, whether it’s understanding the credit process, adding/dropping classes, communicating with professors, or the overall college experience. Our specialists can serve as a “Third Advisor'' for a semester or two. We provide regular check-ins with your student via text or virtual meetings, review syllabi, monitor assignment completion, and assist with course selections.

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Consulting Services for Independent Schools

Welcome to our consulting services, specially tailored for independent schools. Our expertise is in providing comprehensive support and guidance in the key areas of board governance, leadership development, family engagement, and diversity and inclusion practices. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of independent schools, ensuring they thrive in today’s dynamic educational landscape. Our approach is collaborative, working closely with each school to understand its unique challenges and opportunities. With our support, your school can achieve its vision for excellence in governance, leadership, family engagement, and inclusivity.

Board Governance

We offer strategic advice and solutions to enhance the effectiveness of school boards, focusing on governance structures, policy development, and board member roles and responsibilities.

Leadership Development

Our leadership consulting services are aimed at empowering school leaders, including heads of schools and administrative staff, with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead with confidence and integrity.

Family Engagement

Recognizing the critical role of families in the educational process, we provide strategies to strengthen the partnership between schools and families, enhancing communication and collaborative initiatives.

Diversity and Inclusion Practices

We help schools develop and implement comprehensive diversity and inclusion policies that create a welcoming, inclusive environment for all students and staff.

1538 East Parham Road

Henrico, VA 23228